Data Protection, Back-Up & Archiving

Protect and store your most sensitive data with solutions that not only work but that meet industry standards and legal requirements. Protect your company by securely protecting and backing up your data.

With scheduled or continuous real-time data back-up, either physical or virtual, your company’s data remains protected. Soccour can create automated back-up systems that best fit your company’s needs, from media and video content to company database and files. We can even eliminate duplication to keep the most updated content at all times. Keep peace of mind with this service and solution.

With the right preparation and solutions, your data can always be recovered and your business can get back up and running without hesitation. With cloud, DRaaS, virtual tape libraries, offsite storage, and multi-data centers, your data can be stored and protected for when it needs to be successfully recovered.

Protect your company with archived data. Be prepared in case of litigation and comply with local, state, and federal laws regarding long-term data archiving and protection. Long term data archives can be stored in data warehouses virtually or physically. Access important records when your company needs them and securely protect the records when you don’t.

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