Cloud Services

The right cloud computing software can simplify workflows and make data storage and protection easier and more automated. With our expertise and partnerships, we can build a cloud platform that is customized to fit your company’s needs.

Data protection is a key aspect to business today. With cloud services, you can store, back-up, and protect your company’s data. By using cloud services, you encrypt and protect your most valuable information, while simultaneously making data more accessible for your employees. Utilize private and/or public cloud services to make sure your data is protected and secured in a way that is best for your company. Public cloud allows you to manage your data successfully without the need of a major data center, while private cloud gives your company extensive data security and the flexibility and strength to create data solutions that fit unique needs. Cloud is a vital component of technology, creating hybrid solutions to data storage and protection.

Infrastructure as a Service is a type of cloud computing that allows you to use the latest technologies at a lower cost and with less on-site data storage. Data becomes easily organizable and accessible for a consistent monthly fee because it is managed over the internet.

Eliminate the complicated process of managing your own data center. The infrastructure is managed for your company, while you maintain and utilize your own software and applications.

Reduce wasted on-site or off-site space for disaster recovery storage. Using a disaster recovery service allows your company to save money and headache, while keeping all your data updated, stored, and protected for when it is needed. Your data can be recovered successfully in case of an emergency. This protection and storage service is a cost effective and secure method to be prepared if disaster occurs.

PaaS offers a more advanced storage and computing infrastructure. Customizable graphic interfaces and solution services make this the perfect solution for data storage and usage. Use middleware, database management, development tools, and other systems alongside your data storage.

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