Data Storage

Creating appropriate data storage solutions that meet individual and widespread corporate needs is a specialty of Soccour Solutions. In today’s business world, data is exponential. We create, collect, and buy data constantly. With Soccour, you can create an efficient and performance-based storage system that fits the individual needs of your company. Store and protect your data with a system that is right for you.

Cloud-Integrated Storage

Public and private cloud solutions allow for data to be updated and stored frequently and easily across your company. Cloud shared data and files can increase productivity and efficiency, while decreasing the amount of hard drive-based storage. As your company grows, the right cloud-based data solution will allow your company continuous agility and ease of use.

Enterprise Storage

From identifying problematic areas in your current data storage system to planning and building a unique solution, Soccour is here for your company. We design data storage systems around your company so that integration is seamless and simple. With our managed services and maintenance agreements, we can keep your data storage system operating at top speed and security.

Storage Networks

Building or modifying your company’s storage network can create easier workflows and more advanced security for the individual needs of your business’ technology. Network Attached Storage (NAS) allows computers to connect to your network and share data across the network. Storage Area Network (SAN) allows your company to have their own dedicated network in order to pool data and information across all storage devices.

Data Management

With Soccour’s Data Management, we monitor and protect your data storage systems and information. Our short-term and long-term management agreements allow your company’s data to have the on-going support it requires to avoid problems and keep your information secure and protected.

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