Join Soccour Solutions and Kaminario for a BBQ and Brews Tour and Tasting

at TUPPS Brewery

Soccour's Happy Hour at Tupp's Brewery
Tupps Brewery
Tupps Brewery Tasting Tour with Soccour Solutions
Tupps Brewery McKinney TX
Join us for a Tour of TUPPS Brewery, located at the historic Cotton Mill of McKinney

How would you like to view and manage all of your data, no matter where it resides, through a single pane of glass? Kaminario can make this happen.

With the unique ability to layer on top of on-prem infrastructure or public cloud, the Kaminario data plane virtualization platform brings together a common set of shared services that enable companies to deploy and migrate workloads wherever it makes sense – whether that’s on-prem or from one cloud provider to another. By decoupling applications from the underlying infrastructure, you can gain greater flexibility and economics and build a true multi-cloud strategy.

Come join us to hear how Kaminario and Soccour Solutions is making this happen.

Your Apps. Your Data. Any Cloud.


Join us for Tour of TUPPS Brewery, located at the historic Cotton Mill of McKinney. This includes a tour of the production area with a Brewmaster and guests will receive 3 beer tokens. These can be used for 3 beers or 1 beer flight, which is 5 x 5oz pours for tasting. 

After, we’ll send you home with some good ol’ homemade bbq for you and the whole family to chow down. It’s a stress-free event with an effortless dinner solution!


Thursday, November 7th

4:00pm – 6:00pm


TUPPS Brewery

McKinney, TX

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