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Solutions that enable business

Soccour delivers business solutions that maximize return on investment. How? We independently identify the best infrastructure technologies, and deliver them to you as an integrated solution. We specialize in the design and deployment of business-critical infrastructure solutions, including enterprise data storage systems, cloud and server virtualization solutions, enterprise backup/recovery/data protection solutions, disaster recovery planning, testing, and security.

A key differentiator enabling Soccour's leadership is that our methodology begins by understanding your business goals. The framework that we will design must begin by understanding its end.

In addition, our industry-proven integration offering and the quality assurance baked into our implementation methodology minimize time and risk when implementing complex technology solutions.

Strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors ensure that the infrastructure solutions we provide offer the best technology with a proven track record of real world success.

Business' are like a fingerprint, from a distance they appear similar, but upon a close look they are all unique. For this reason, Soccour does not sell "boxed" or "canned" solutions designed as one size fits all. We understand that each client has individual business challenges, and we work with you to solve them.

With extensive knowledge and comprehensive experience in infrastructure and information systems, we adopt an impartial, broad approach when assessing clients' business environments and providing technological solutions. We work with clients to help them leverage existing systems, while integrating optimal new technologies to maximize utilization and ROI.


"Because infrastructure is the basic, enabling framework of the organization and its systems, a holistic approach to its design, deployment, and management is pivotal to organizational success."

Colleen Young, Gartner
The New Face of Infrastructure

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